Saturday, July 29, 2006

Newsletter July 30, 2006

We are sooooooooooo crazy busy! We've been back for almost two weeks but those have been cram packed. We returned, had one day to recover, went for 3 days at a Jr. High/High School Bible camp, next day had church and Afureru!, the next day the CMA dance team arrived and it has been full speed ahead since then!!! In the meantime we've had a couple concerts also (with me having larengitis, NOT FUN)

So we would appreciate your prayers! CMA has already had a two day dance workshop and yesterday had a full concert in the evening. Tonight they will have a purity seminar for girls. They will also do a 3 day Vacation Bible School, another purity seminar and perform on Sunday morning at 3 different churches over this next week. They are doing awesome! You can see tons of pics here...

More pics and news to come, but God is blessing this ministry and we are so amazed.

By the way, our trip to the states was AWESOME and God provided some major new funds for our ministry! Thank you, and please continue to pray about whether God might lead you to support Aroma Ministries on a monthly basis. We are still in need of monthly support and in need of giving for a special fund for Rocky's recording studio!!!

I'll give a more detailed report later, for now I have to run! OH and I almost forgot, Robynn is here too, serving and helping in a HUGE way, send a big prayer of thanks for her also!!!!!

With love from Japan,
Marla, Rocky and Hana

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