Sunday, September 10, 2006

Newsletter September 10, 2006

I am seeing God at work in so many ways around us. You all must really be praying for the men, because it was another Sunday of great stuff regarding some men.

First of all thanks for praying for Mr. Koga and for your many responses to the newsletter. He will be hospitalized this week, and please pray for preparations for his surgery, as they map the brain, and the tumor, etc.

This evening we had a neat family over for dinner. One new church member, baptized this last Spring is Naomi. She and her Dad, her older sister, and older sister's fiance all came over for dinner tonight. We had such a great time of conversation. God gave Rocky and I many, MANY opportunities to talk about our faith, the journey God has brought us on, and our walk with the Lord. I was especially struck by the father. You might recall that I noticed at Naomi's baptism that he cried through her testimony and baptism and seemed so genuinely happy for her. Well this evening he was such a blessing to get to know, he seemed so open and attentive to all the was said about our faith. And the most striking of all, Hana crawled right up in his lap and sat with him for a while. She loved him, and she is a great judge of character, she always knows a sweetheart right away. Please continue to pray for chances to minister to this family. They want to have us over to their home in return. I look forward to really getting to know them more.

We also had a couple visiting in church this morning for the second time. The husband was bold enough to share with the group during family time, that he is extremely shy and usually not good in groups but he wants to know more about the Bible and about God and wants to come to church as much as possible! I was amazed at such candid honesty from a Japanese man. Please pray for he and his wife to continue to be faithful in attending and to believe!

Keep praying for Japanese men! Our prayers are being answered.

Marla, Rocky and Hana

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Cher said...

Amen!! Praying for those men...