Monday, October 23, 2006

Newletter October 23, 2006

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted a newsletter. I thought I had just missed one week, time is really flying by!

I had my second mother's Bible study. This time, because of another kindergarten event that was underway, I only had two in attendance. But two ladies who missed it want to meet some other time to go over the material they missed!

There are a TON of other things going on. I believe however, the one I want to ask you to pray for is both personal and ministry related. It is about schooling children.

For many reason, Rocky and I have been praying about and considering homeschooling our children for some time. We feel strongly led NOT to educate our children in the public or private school system in Japan. We have been pleased to find there are a few others in our network of friends who also wish for an alternative. One couple in particular is very serious about "group homeschooling" OR even forming a "church school" where we educate our children together in a church setting on weekdays and welcome other children to the school. These church schools are becoming more and more popular in Japan.

Today we visited a church school in our neighboring city. We spent a couple hours asking a ton of questions and listening to our friend, the founder and director's reasons for starting the school for her children. We were very inspired and also overwhelmed! There is so much to consider, but this could be a HUGE thing for the lives of our children and possibly others whose faith, family relationships and more may otherwise be destroyed by "traditional" schooling.

We have SO MUCH to pray about and to consider. We want to do this, IF and ONLY IF it is God's will. Would you pray for us as we begin to pray and seek God's direction! This of course is many years down the road, but we agree to begin now seeking God's guidance. Thank you for praying!

Rocky, Marla and Hana

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