Friday, February 02, 2007

Newsletter Feb. 1, 2006

Time just flies by, I'm so sorry it has been an entire month since I posted a newsletter. Just when I thought things were slowing down, we have stayed steadily busy!

Just a couple of prayer requests for you to keep in mind...

The monthly worship meeting called Afureru! that we lead is really being blessed. The leadership team especially is becoming a solid group with strong bonds and unity in our passion for ministering for the Lord. The girls have decided to embark on a new ministry... purity! Last summer when the ballet team from Colorado was here, they lead a couple of purity seminars and we all saw what an incredible need there is for this type of ministry in Japan. The Afureru! leadership team girls will be meeting tomorrow evening to begin to lay the ground work for this ministry. Please pray, we are starting from scratch and need to develop materials, decide HOW to get the word out about the program, when and where to hold seminars, etc.

I have been having a small weekly English preschool group with Hana's friend Corkey and some of his Mom's friends. We are restructuring the preschool meeting to twice a month on Saturdays so that children starting preschool this Spring can still attend English preschool. We are also planning to introduce more intense Bible story teaching, prayer time and some Bible time for the Mom's too. Please pray that the changes will be positive and that all of the currently established group will continue to attend. And of course pray that more exposure to the Bible will reach the children's hearts and especially the heart's of the Mothers. Pray as Yukie, Corkey's Mom, and I, try to evangelize these Mom's!!!

Blessings everyone, we hope to hear from you also!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

I'm going to be in Japan with the Gateleys this summer for 6 weeks! Maybe I'll get to see you guys. It's been forever!

See you (relatively) soon!

--Dustin Rapier

B in Kyushu said...

Gosh, I'd really like to see what you guys have been up to at Afureru one of these days! Looks like everything is going well!

Keep up the good work!