Monday, March 26, 2007

Newsletter March 26, 2007

Wow, what an awesome weekend we had!!!

Our good buddies Takako-san and Gen-san were married!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!! We are always so excited when God creates another Christian home. Not only that but the ceremony and reception were powerful witnesses to all in attendance. Jesus was so glorified on their wedding day before many friends AND family members who do not yet know the Lord. Pray with us for the many seeds that were planted this weekend through these guys. Especially pray they can continue to be a witness through their marriage, to their families!!! We are so excited for you Auntie Tako (and you don't know it yet, but Gen-san, you are now Uncle Gen, Welcome to the family!!!)

The next item of business is the exciting thing happening through Afureru! March's Afureru! was on Sunday evening and it was awesome. I was most excited to hear a testimony from one of the participating pastors. Today he baptized a young man in his church. During the young man's testimony he shared that it was at an Afureru! meeting he confirmed his faith in Christ! We often don't know when these things happen, and it is always such a pleasure to hear that God is using the things we do in this way. PRAISE GOD!!! Please keep praying for this ministry as God works through it in so many ways!

Blessings and Love from Japan,
The Ayatsuka's

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Anonymous said...

It is SO refreshing to hear of these positive things happnening in the Lord in Japan. Praise the Lord. Prayers for His continued use of you and these other Japanese Christians.

Love, Cher