Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Newsletter May 30, 2007

May has simply flown by! Where did the time go? We have been very busy and are so blessed with so many opportunities to serve God!

A couple weekends ago the Family Band did a concert in a city five hours drive from here. After that concert I had the priviledge having a long, deep conversation with a woman who is really seeking. She had lots of questions about difficult issues, like why does God allow some terrible things to happen, how can we believe creation instead of evolution, etc. I really enjoyed talking with this candid and brutally honest lady and by the end of the conversation we both agreed, we felt like we'd known each other for years. Would you please lift her up in prayer. She is so close to believing, I think all her questions are just a last ditch attempt to talk herself out of taking that one step of faith! I know she will believe, or actually I think she already does, she just hasn't realized it yet! Please lift her up in prayer.

We are still busy with chapel services and concerts and appreciate your prayers for effective messages and witness, protection from illness and while traveling, and for wisdom in using our time wisely.

Lastly, I mentioned a few weeks ago that a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses were frequenting our home. We met with them once, and they have become so curious about our faith, one lady in particular shows up often with questions FOR us! It cracks me up. Anyways, she is dilligent about visiting our place and we often don't have the time to talk with her. Please pray that we can continue to be a witness to her!!!

Blessings to all, we'd love to have you make a comment here on the blog or get a personal email from you from time to time. Thank you for praying!

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Anonymous said...

Agreeing in prayer! Praising Him for your availability!