Sunday, July 22, 2007

Newsletter July 22, 2007

A VERY Blessed Summer (and it has just begun)

We were so blessed over the past week to have CMA with us! WOW, what a blast. This group of girls absolutely loves the Lord and rejoice in using their gifts and talents to praise Him and spread the Gospel. They had a Worship Dance Workshop in Fukuoka, which was a great blessing over there. They then came to Kitakyushu do dance ministry. They danced at schools, churches and had one big event at a concert hall. All of their activities were so blessed. They also led two purity seminars! It is such a joy to know a group who loves so serve and praise God with their whole lives, just as we do. To watch them dance will give you "Jesus bumps" ALL OVER, and brings tears to my eyes through out every song. Some pictures of their major concert here with us can be seen here at Check out more about them over on their website, CMA! There is a video of their ministry here in 2006 that is awesome, and check out the Japan 2007 link and read their mission log to keep up with them while they are in Japan!!! They left today for their next destination... (Tiffy, Lysa, Mimi, Gwen, Hannah WE MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Hana cried after y'all drove away)

From tomorrow, we are at it again! We go to a three day camp with Seinan Jr High/High School! Pray for us as we worship, teach and play on the beach with the girls from this school that is so precious to us. This is a rare opportunity for us to minister to the girls up close since they usually see us only from the stage during chapel once a month or so.

And last but not least, don't forget to order your copy of Rocky's new CD! It is awesome and will bless your socks off!!!

We'll be in touch soon...
Love from Japan,
Marla, Rocky and Hana

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