Friday, October 26, 2007

Newsletter October 26, 2007

This week we just want to show you a little bit of us in action! We had a charity concert for Pro-Life Japan and here is the highlight video... ENJOY!!! (oh and please leave us a comment, we love to hear what you think!)


Anonymous said...

That was fantastic. Marla, your Nihongo is explicit. It's music to my ears!
Rocky and shuey played WONDERFULLY. Love that Jazzy touch...and was that Hanna in the background humming to the Jesus Loves me part? Or someone else's child?
Oh, can you please translate for us what you all were saying on stage?

Love, Cher

Marla said...

Hey Cher! Well, first of all yes that was Hana you were hearing in the background! Second, we were talking about the reason for having the concert, why we chose the organization we chose, some about the work they do, and why we named the concert "Snowflake"! We named it that cause every snowflake is beautiful and the only one like it, just like each precious life from it's point of conception! Mr. Tsujioka was talking about how precious life is when he did his talk with Chi-kun. His first magic trick was to demonstrate that lives are of different lengths, but they are all of equal value. And his second rope trick was about how recently suicide and murder are becoming more and more common, and every life is precious and shouldn't be taken. Especially if you ever feel like taking your own life, just pray (this is when he puts his hands together and jerks on the rope and the rope comes off...

Hope that helps! thanks for reading!!!