Friday, December 07, 2007

Newsletter December 7, 2007

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Christmas REALLY snuck up on us this year. We did some Christmas concerts over the last week and it doesn't really seem real that it is ALREADY that time of year again. It isn't that cold yet this year, and it just seems like summer was over yesterday. But what a blessing the season has been so far!

I am so thankful for a Christmas party we were able to have with my Bible study ladies from Shionzan kindergarten. Everyone brought something to eat, and we had a great time singing, discussing the story of Mary getting news of Jesus from the Angel Gabriel, and EATING! There is nothing like sharing food to draw a group together for fun and fellowship. Please keep praying for these ladies, they discover something about the Bible and God at each Bible study. And the group is growing! We had 10 in attendance for the Christmas party, when we started the year with just two ladies!!!

We will be having our Kitakyushu Community Christmas worship this coming Sunday! Next week we will do a concert for a Christian hospital facility. Next weekend we will travel a few hours by bullet train to the Okayama area for a Christmas concert, and then it is back home to do several Christmas events in our own church. Please pray that all of these events will be used in a huge way by God so that many Japanese would realize the true meaning of Christmas!

Also praise the Lord with us for his protection during our travels and his incredible provision for us. On our last trip we accidentally left a bag on a train, and it had valuables in it that were important. We were able to get the bag retrieved by a train employee before it was discovered by anyone else and all our belongings were returned to us safely! Thank you LORD! Please continue to pray for safety as we travel some more over the next weeks.

Below are some pictures from our last big trip to Aomori prefecture...

Our friends we met in New Zealand years ago who were the connection that brought us to Aomori! It was so great to see them again!

HALF of the audience at one of our concerts!

The cafe/bookstore attached to the church.

Hana's little buddies! These guys were great entertainment for her all week (or was it the other way around???)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome update on the ministries there. Agreeing in prayer!!
Love the special times you've gotten to spend lately.