Saturday, February 09, 2008

Newsletter February 9, 2008

We are going through a cold spell here! I realize some of you in the states are as well. I pray this newsletter finds you all safe and well, and warm and cozy (if you're in a cold place)!

We are doing well, and ministry is just awesome. Rocky is going into his 4th week of a 6 week series Bible study with two men in our church (one a believer and one almost believer, he's sooo close!). They are all really enjoying the study. Once the 6 weeks are up however, these guys' days off at work change and no longer coincide with each other. Will you pray that they can effectively and consistenly find some other time to spend together, maybe continue their Bible study or at least just get some fellowship in on a consistent basis. Continue to pray that A-san will come to a point where he is ready to commit his life to the Lord!

My (Marla's) small group of mother's and children that meet twice a month for English learning and Bible story is going well. We call it "English Circle" and this last meeting there were 9 kids there! One new mother who is so excited about the group and asked if she could continue to come. Several of the mothers are not Christian and interested in the Bible. It is a challenge to fit any meaningful Bible teaching for the mother's into the program for the children. My friend Yukie, who is co-hosting the English Circle with me, and I are trying to figure out how to better get these Moms exposed to the Bible. Would you pray that we would have wisdom on how to reach out to them.

Also please lift our church up in prayer. We were moving towards calling a Japanese pastor but the situation did not work out as planned. Pray for unity in the church, guidance for the leadership council and our missionary and especially for planning the year to come as many things need to/have to change for us to move forward as a church!

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. We will be stateside from around April 17th to mid-June. Our tentative schedule is as follows...
April 17-21 Phoenix, AZ
April 22-23 see the Grand Canyon/drive to Colorado
April 24 - 27th Boulder, CO area
including April 26th 10:30-12:00 Ft. Collins Japanese Bible Fellowship
April 27th - May 5 Littleton, CO with CMA dance ministry CMA website
May 5 - June 4th ALL over TEXAS - details coming soon
June 5- 9 Boston, MA Boston Japanese Christian Church
June 9 -??? Florida

If we could see you along the way, or if you'd like us to minister in your church, please don't be shy! Leave us a comment or send us an email!

Many blessings,
Marla, Rocky and Hana

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Cher said...

Sounds like a great schedule...if you were going to be anywhere near here, I'd drive over to see you...

Agreed in prayer on the requests, too...