Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Newsletter July 16, 2008

It has been crazy getting back from the states and getting settled in. First of all my computer crashed right after we got back. PRAISE the LORD that didn't happen while we were in the states! It took a while for us (or should I say Rocky) to devote enough time to get it back up and running with all the things we had on our schedule!

Since we've been back, it has been full speed ahead. We jumped right back into concerts, leading worship, chapel services, teaching English, preaching, preparing for summer ministry and all the incredible ways the Lord gives us to serve Him here! We thank you so much for your prayers!

Since I did not have access to my address book for a while, many of you may have missed some updates if you don't check this blog often or have it in your "feeds" or "readers". Please be sure to check below for updates you may have missed.

Today we want to ask you to pray for two things. Next week we will be going to camp for three days with a local Christian Jr High and High School. The school is Seinan Jo Gakuin, where I served my first two years in Japan. We speak and lead worship for this school's English Chapel Service about 10 times per year. This will be our fifth time to go to this Bible camp! In years past they have had a hard time filling the camp with the minimum number of students needed. However, this year the camp is FULL and overflowing! We are soooooo excited to have a chance to spend three days with at least 33 girls (maybe more by now) this next week. Pray as we speak on "Using the Gifts God has Given You", this year's theme, that these girls would realize they are made by God for a wonderful purpose! Probably none of these girls are believers. What an awesome opportunity to get up close and personal with them, when usually we just see them from the chapel stage.

The second prayer request is for CMA! For the fourth year in a row, CMA is here in Japan again, ministering through worship dance! We love love love this ministry! We spent a week with them in Colorado recently and are so excited to already have them here with us. Right now they are in South Kyushu ministering through worship dance workshops, dance concerts, purity seminars and more! You can keep up with their activities and how God is already RICHLY blessing their time here in Japan through their Mission Log. They will eventually make it here to Kitakyushu in a little less than two weeks! Pray for God to work in MIGHTY ways through their month here! And pray for us as we prepare for their week in ministry here with us! We can't wait to have them here!!! Have I mentioned we love these guys!? You can also see pictures and video of their past summers in ministry here in Japan on their website, so don't miss that!

Thank you again soooooooo much for your prayers and support. May the Lord bless each of you with his incredible love and grace!

Love from hot and muggy Japan,
The Ayatsuka's

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Anonymous said...

Definitely praying for these two very exciting events!!!

Love, Cherilyn