Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newsletter May 2009

Hello from Japan everyone! It seems like time is totally getting away from me. I could not believe when I saw I haven't posted an update since February! With Kai's two hospitalizations and all our normal ministry and life in between, it has been a whirlwind!

Thank you for all your prayers for Kai. He is doing well now, and a detailed update can be found here on Mommy's blog.

We had a ten day tour to Nagoya in April that was an incredible blessing. The 12 hour drive up and back were quite an adventure and the Lord blessed us with safe and fairly smooth travel, even with an infant! In Nagoya we did 12 events in 8 days. We were so blessed to meet lots of new people, make new connections with several new churches and connect with some friends and fellowships we knew from before! We are so thankful for these opportunities to serve God on tour!!!

May has been busy with regular ministry! We seem to have had a lot of chapel services to speak in and lots of Bible studies this month. English classes continue to go well and are such a blessing. We really enjoy the chance to build relationships with these students and look forward to watching God work in their hearts and lives.

Prayer requests and praises...
1. For Kai's healing, health and safety. His kidney is at risk for infection and he seems be especially susceptible to respiratory issues. The good news is that his chest is totally clear right now, his urine test today was perfect and he doesn't have to go back for regular follow up visits anymore!

2. Pray for stamina as our ministry schedule seems especially full right now!

3. Pray for the time to take care of administrative details for ministry!

4. Pray for Jesus to shine through us in each chapel, Bible study, English class and concert!

Some pics to enjoy from our recent Spring cleaning day at church...

Everyone got in on the action...

It is amazing each Sunday to look around and see that our church is filled with MEN! A rare sight until recently. I would venture to say that at times the men even outnumber the women! Praise God!

And there is an ever increasing population of international students in our church. On a given Sunday it is now VERY normal to hear conversations going on in at least FOUR languages around the church! Praise God! Pray for students who are attending that are not yet believers and are seeking. Some of whom do not enjoy the freedom to learn about and worship God back at home!

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