Thursday, February 18, 2010

Newsletter February 2010

February in Japan always makes me feel cheated! We get a tease of Spring with a few warm days and then it gets COLD and often colder than it has been all Winter. Just when I get my hopes up I get shot down!

But not so when it comes to the work God is doing! How can I summarize what the past couple of months have been like for us in ministry. Amazing, unbelievable, jaw dropping... GOD's handiwork!!!

Thank you for your prayers for Fall and Christmas ministry. It is always exciting to see God work through special Christmas events, but also a relief to get past the busiest time of year for us and recover a little! I think maybe, MAYBE we finally recovered!!!

Our church is showing so much growth, not just in numbers but in the hearts of it's members. I have had so many amazing conversations with church members about their dreams and visions for the ministry there in the future! We can't help but feel an incredible sense of excitement and expectation about the future of this growing group of believers!

In January, Rocky and his acoustic guitar buddy Shuhey, released their second album and held a special New Year concert! Please pray for this very talented duo and for the CD that people will be listening to. Pray the Lord uses it to encourage and uplift believers and draw unbelievers to HIM!

Our English classes continue to be such a joy to us. I especially love my English Bile class and the time with the women I meet with every Thursday. There is a wonderful mix of believers and unbelievers in this group, and I know the Lord is using the time to work in the hearts of all, including myself!

I am also really excited about the Mother's Bible study we have for Mom's of my English Circle kids. Each time we meet, the study is powerful and the conversation becomes deep. There are often even tears among this group that is really not that close knit. I am always amazed at how open and honest they are, and how God's spirit obviously moves as we open His word. Please pray for the women in that group that their hearts would remain open and teachable, as God works in them. We only meet once a month, so please pray that in the in-between time God would reveal Himself to them in their everyday lives!

And the most wonderful news of all.... Kai's adoption is FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be visiting the States in April and May and look forward to seeing many of you. The adoption was final two weeks ago so there is a lot of planning to do before we come. If you'd like to see us in you area, please drop me an email!!! We hope to raise prayer and financial support over the 6 or 7 weeks we'll be there and we'd love to speak and sing to any and all groups, big or small! Please be in touch!

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