Thursday, July 08, 2010

Newsletter July 8, 2010

Rainy season continues and the temperature continues to rise as we sail into summer, and God continues to do AMAZING things around us!

My Bible studies have been intense lately and I have lots of non-Christian seekers attending. Please be in prayer for these women who want to study God's Word. and I'd like to ask prayer for me as well. As I lead them into the scripture their questions are deep and the topics even deeper. It is at these times I find that I am completely inadequate at explaining things to them. I think this is the best place for me to be, so that I won't get in the way of what God wants to do! Yet, I get overwhelmed at just how far their basic way of thinking is from the simple and significant cornerstones to the truth found in the Gospel. Just a conversation about what heaven is, and what eternal life means turned up many different opinions this week, and I was left wondering how I will ever help them understand what the Bible is saying! I know that I won't and can't help them understand and only HE can, so please help me lay each of them at His feet and trust He will keep doing HIS work in their hearts!

This week we lead English chapel at the Christian school where I first worked in Japan! We have the privilege of speaking at the chapel services in both Jr. High and High School at this Christian girls' school once a semester. It has been an ongoing work, where God is slowly opening their hearts to us and our message. Chapel is normally ridged and strict, with older male pastors usually being the speakers. Unfortunately their messages are usually way over these girls' heads. Rocky and I have made a point to try and always make chapel fun and the message simple but applicable to their lives. Most of the students are not Christians. This week for High School chapel we had only the senior class as the other classes were on a school trip. It was WONDERFUL! We have probably had most of these girls in English chapel since they were 1st year Jr. High students. They have come to know us and they love the praise songs that we bring to chapel. They begged for more praise time, and we had a wonderful and very energetic time of worship! Then they were glued to the message because they were awake and excited, and I was so moved by the presence of the Holy Spirit in that place! This class seems to be quite special, and I want to ask for prayers for them. I think God wants to make a big impact in their lives and on the school through them! Please pray!!!

This month is going to be PACKED full of ministry! We have summer camp with the Christian school I was just sharing about. THREE days at camp with over 30 of these girls, to worship and learn from God's Word together and play games and swim together! Please pray for this more up close and personal time we get to have with them! We also have a three day trip to another summer camp for a church in Imabari, about 5 hours from here, where we will be the guest worship leaders and speaker. We have preparation for the upcoming Summer School at our own church and for the CMA concert the first few days of August. (See those flyers below, click on the image to get a full view). Registration for summer school is now open, please pray that lots of kids sign up!!!

We appreciate your prayers!!!

Summer School Flyer...

CMA Concert...

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