Monday, November 13, 2006

Newsletter November 13, 2006

God provides for us in some of the most interesting ways sometimes!

Rocky is always building on the equipment he has in his studio. There are always new things becoming available and he tries hard to get only what he needs at reasonable prices. His next project looks like it will likely be an acoustic album of hymns and maybe some praise songs. He will play with another very talented guitarist and close friend of ours, Shuhei. In order to do this kind of recording they needed a portable recording system. Rocky was looking at a specific mixer that has all the "stuff" he needs, and we were about to make that purchase. Then this morning he was talking on the phone with a friend in our neighboring city. This guy has a lot of studio equipment. Rocky just jokingly mentioned, "If you have something laying around that you don't need, loan it to me and I will use it." And the guys says that he just so happens to have a mixer that he isn't using, it is brand new and really good. He starts describing it to Rocky and it is the exact mixer that Rocky was wanting. We are going to do a concert in that city tomorrow and the guy is going to bring it to him and basically indefinitely loan this to us for FREE!!! TOMORROW!!!!!! God is so awesome!

I told Rocky that he has to get to work NOW on this CD then, cause I want to hear it myself as soon as possible. You all are going to love it too, it will be totally accoustic, so no language barriers there! Please pray for this project, that God will bless it and bless Rocky and Shuhei as they practice and prepare. They are meeting weekly to practice because they want to record each song together, live so that it sounds as natural and live as you can get!

Praise GOD!!!!!!!!!

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