Saturday, November 25, 2006

Newsletter November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! We are so thankful for each of you and your prayer support!

Many of you know about our monthly bilingual worship meeting called Afureru! It has been such a blessing to watch it grow and be used by God! We have always known it would be used to encourage Christian to grow in their faith and share the Gospel with non-believers. We recently have been excited to watch God use it to build a network of churches in our city, allowing pastors and church bodies to worship together. But this week, God showed us He can use it in another big way too!

Recnetly one young girl, who is the daughter of the leaders of one church in the Afureru! network, has been deeply affected by watching the leadership of Afureru!. She watched this summer as the CMA team worked hard along with our staff to put on so many ministry events. She has been attending Afureru! worship and witnessing how the praise team and other staff so enthusiastically give their time and talents to be used by God. She now wants to use her time and talents for the Lord as well. She has decided, upon graduating for High School, she wants to attend a 6 month ministry leadership training school in Hawaii and prayer about the direction she wants to go with her life from there. She is so excited and her parents are excited for her too.

I know God uses Afureru! in big ways, and now He is using it to call others into ministry! Pray that God continues to work in big ways through all that we do!

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That is really awesome!

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