Sunday, November 02, 2008

Newsletter November 2, 2008

Happy Fall everyone! We are enjoying the cooler weather and the changing leaves. I hope this finds all of you well. And I hope you are all preparing to VOTE this week if you haven't already! I mailed in my ballot several weeks ago. Praying for our country this week!!!

On the ministry front, you could pray for our English Circle ministry. I've mentioned it often. My friend and I started it about two years ago as a way to do some English learning and Sunday School type of activities for our kids. Others began to join us and before long it has evolved into a pretty big deal. I wanted to share some pictures with you of our recent English Circle in the Park. We all met at the park instead of our regular indoor class, and had a blast studying English outdoors, playing together and eating lunch together! Enjoy these pics...

We start with ABC's, songs and stories.

We always have a Bible story, which recently a couple of Mom's have volunteered to make flanel boards of the stories for me FROM SCRATCH! One Mom sews the background out of felt. Another Mom draws the characters and prints them onto special paper that will stick to the felt! So neat!

The children LOVE these stories and listen so intently! When we used to just read from the children's Bible they never listened this closely.

On this day we had a leaf hunt and talked about the leaves and their colors in English.

Before class and after lunch everyone enjoyed the playground at this park. It has a zip line and a LONG roller slide. We all had tons of fun!

Our church continues to have a weekly outreach ministry we call "cafe". I took over management of it, when our missionary couple recently went back to the states for a short home assignment. Now the church ladies volunteer their time to help run cafe. It is going well, and continues to be an AWESOME place where people can gather and fellowship. LOTS of new people come on a regular basis. But the future of cafe is uncertain. One short term couple who helps with this ministry tremendously, will be ending their term in the Spring. It remains to be seen if we have enough man power to continue with cafe in the future. Please pray for God to provide all that we need and more, if it is His will for our church to continue this ministry! Here are some pics of that for you to enjoy also!

Our beautiful church!

The cafe special a few weeks ago... Raisin Walnut bread! YUM!

Taking orders...

Serving our customers...

Nick, don't steal any of that money!

Game night! We were played Wii that night too!

Our specialty... cheesecake! YUM!

Please continue to pray for our many Fall concert engagements! God bless you all this week!

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