Saturday, October 25, 2008

Newsletter October 25, 2008

We are alive! Sorry for the long silence. A combination of computer troubles and busy schedule have kept me away from blogging.

So my laptop is cranky, and I think it is going to be in "time-out" for a good while. Rocky and I are now sharing a computer and I should be able to keep in better touch from now on.

September was a busy month with the usual. We are so blessed to get to do what we do and praise God for all the opportunities to spread His fame all over Japan.

October has been full as well. One WONDERFUL bit of news is the unexpected volunteer we have with us right now. My cousin Robynn, who has come to work with us 3 other times, is here again and is looking for a more long term opportunity to stay in Japan and minister. She has been offered a full time job as an English teacher starting in April of next year. She will use that job as an oppotunity to connect with people, AND her free time for ministry. Please pray for strength and guidance as God works out all the details for the months between now and then!!!

Our church is in the middle of transition at the moment and could really use your prayers. Please pray that God guide the leadership committee in our church in the next few months. Pray for unity in spirit, faith and trust in God and his timing for everything our church needs in the coming months.

Two young girls in our church will be baptized this next month. We praise God for these youngsters who have been raised in the church and are now bodly choosing to follow Jesus and make Him their savior and Lord!

The coming months include more concerts, chapel services, English teaching, Bible studies and more. Please pray as the Lord continues to work in the lives of all those around us!

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