Sunday, April 16, 2006

Newsletter April 16, 2006

Easter Cross Today was a beautiful day! One of the most memorable Easters of my life.

Today at our church two people were baptized. Easter is the perfect Sunday for a baptism and it was so special that these two new believers had family and friends present to witness their baptism, many of whom have never been in church before. But today they heard and saw an illustration of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ throughout the service. It was so moving, I've been crying all day.

In our church here in Japan, on baptism Sunday, those being baptized share their testimony before the entire church during the worship service and then immediately after worship we have baptism. Today both testimonies were so touching!

Ken, the husband of one church member told of how he thought it was right to make it through life on your own strength and work hard. When his wife and children started attending church he was worried she might be getting into some strange cult. But then he was bombarded DAILY with stories about church from his wife and kids and eventually he wanted to see what this place was all about. He slowly began coming to events and then at one point just knew he wanted to make Jesus his Savior. He boldly stated at the end of his testimony that he wants to walk with Christ and be a witness from now on! WOW!!!

Naomi, a young lady whose been coming to church for a while now shared how she'd lost her mother to cancer. In Jesus Christ she found healing from the loss and from unforgiveness in her heart. I sat down the aisle from her father and watched as he cried through her testimony and then cried as he watched her being baptized! How amazing to watch a grown Japanese man cry like that. You could see the respect and love he had for his daughter in his eyes. I don't know for sure, but I imagine this was his first time in a church and possibly his first time to clearly hear the Gospel. Naomi's sister was there as well and was equally moved.

As I have thought about the power of Christ to change lives today, I've been unable to keep the tears from flowing. What a beautiful way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord today. New life was abundant in our church this morning! Will you pray for those unbelievers who were there today. Pray that they will want to experience new life in Christ for themselves! And pray for all the believers, old and new that we would share the Gospel and more would come!!!

Praising Jesus because He LIVES!!!!!!!!!

Rocky, Marla and Hana


Dustin said...


I LOVE hearing about things like that. I think I remember Naomi... Giver her a hug for me and tell her that I said congratulations!

You guys are awesome--we think about you all the time over here!

Keep it up!

Dustin Rapier

Robynn Loves You!!! said...

I want to be there. I want to be there. I want to be there. I want to be there. I want to be there. I want to be there. I want to be there.

I cried just reading what happened. And i hate that it has been so long since i was there that i do not recognize those names. My heart is with Japan. I can't wait till i am there to see it all first hand.