Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Newsletter April 4, 2006

Newsletter April 4, 2006

Praise God for all the amazing things he is doing around us, and for the many gifts he gives! I am especially thankful for Spring! It is so beautiful here in Japan, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom this week.

News on the ministry front...
  1. CMA is coming back to Japan!
  2. Robynn is coming back to Japan!
  3. Baptisms and new people at church!
  4. Gospel Kitakyushu, internet radio ministry
  5. CD production

As you can tell we are quite busy with many different things at the time. I will do my best to keep each topic as brief as possible, but God is doing so much and I don't want any of you to miss it!!!

  1. You may remember that we had an incredible ministry of dancers come and do a concert last summer. CMA (Celebration Ministry of Arts) will be coming to Kitakyushu again this summer and we are so excited. This year, they will stay with us longer, and we plan to have a ministry dance workshop, a concert and a worship meeting for girls where the CMA team shares about "Purity". It is sure to be an incredible week, as last years concert was a huge hit! Check out this ministry's website... magnifythelord.org
  2. My wonderful cousin Robynn will be back to spend time with us this coming summer also! She has a huge heart for missions to Japan and has been studying Japanese at University. We can't wait to have her here and toss her out there and see how much her Japanese has improved! ; )

  3. Our church is doing so well right now. We have two baptisms coming up on Easter Sunday! One of those is the husband of a member, a first for our church and HUGE Praise! Pray that more husbands come to know Christ. How beautiful it is to see a FAMILY sitting in church together these days (other than our own of course, and the missionary couple that is planting our church). Also this past Sunday Rocky and I were overjoyed to pick up 3 young ladies and give them a ride to church. One young lady heard about us in New Zealand and is now living here in Kitakyushu and made contact with us through email. One other young lady is friends with a missionary couple who visited our church's cafe last week. She was at cafe to see them, and we offered to bring her to church anytime. We were so pleased to get a call from her asking us to come and get her, and telling us she was bringing a friend (pictured above left)! Pray that all of these young ladies continue to come and seek the Lord!
  4. Rocky and two other pastors are hard at work recording monthly talk shows and various other radio shows for their online internet radio ministry called Gospel Kitakyushu. Check it out if you want to at goskita.net
  5. And finally Rocky is in the studio beginning this week with Ai, a young Christian from our neighboring prefecture. Ai has written many of her own songs, and plays the piano! Pray for them as they record and for the Cd project as a whole! What an incredible blessing that we get to help young artists make their albums like this!

Hana has a blog too... www.hanas-place.blogspot.com New pictures from Cherry Blossoms this week!

Check back here often for news of our ministry and just stuff about us! We'll keep in touch...

Many blessings,

Marla, Rocky and Hana

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