Friday, April 07, 2006

They call this a job?

One of the AWESOME things about ministry is that basically we get to play as we work a lot of the time. Ministering to people means spending time with them, and we do a lot of that. There are times that Rocky and I wonder if we are dreaming, this is often too much fun to be called a job! One recent "day on the job" was spent at the park doing what the Japanese call hanami (flower watching). It is cherry blossom season so everyone goes to the park to sit under the cherry blossom trees and eat, drink and sing karaoke! No joke, they bring their karaoke machines out to the park and go for it. Never mind that it is loud and obnoxious, it is hanami season and you're supposed to let loose, I guess! Anyways, we spent the day in the park too, it turned out to be a pretty cold day but it was fun none the less. Enjoy the pictures...

By the way, we brought a karaoke machine too! His name is Rocky!!! haha

Hana's favorite part was the SLIDE!

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